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Dolor Ear

Dolor Ear Drops 0.50 oz fl - Gotas para el Oido

Dolor Ear Drops 0.50 oz fl - Gotas para el Oido

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Dolor ear drops are a kind, gentle homeopathic solution to childhood ear aches. Children have short, floppy Eustachian tubes. Eustachian tubes are the tubes that drain fluid from the ear into the mouth. In adults, they are long and work quite effectively in keeping bacteria out of the ear. Immature Eustachian tubes are not quite as effective, and therefore children tend to suffer from frequent, painful earaches until they grow out of the condition. Dolor ear drops provide instant relief from the pain without any harsh drug side effects. The drops contain a homeopathic preparation of soothing chamomile and bacteria-fighting quicksilver and sulfur. Apply three to five drops per ear twice a day. Warm the bottle before use by holding it wrapped in the hands or by floating it in a bowl full of warm water. Do not microwave the drops to warm them. Although intended for children, these ear drops can also be used by adults suffering from ear pain. If the ear pain does not quickly subside in response to the drops, consult a physician.

Para el alivio de del dolor de oído asociado con resfrío y gripe.

Calam dolor de oído de nadador.

Quita sinusitis o acumulación de cera.

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