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Ducal Apple juice 5.3 oz fl - Jugo de Manzana

Ducal Apple juice 5.3 oz fl - Jugo de Manzana

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One of the most wholesome and healthiest snack beverages available is Ducal Apple juice. Apples contain many nutrients that can help to protect a person's health. For that reason, some day care centers and schools offer apple juice to children as a snack beverage instead of soda or even plain water. Fruit juice helps to clean out the system of impurities and has natural sugar for delicious taste, as can be noticed in a product like Ducal Apple juice. This type of beverage makes a natural light snack between meals. It also tastes good at breakfast or with other meals. Fruit juice made with apples can be enjoyed straight from the refrigerator or with ice added. Other beverages like ginger ale may be mixed in for a taste treat that is a little different. Many parents and teachers prefer to serve apple juice at kids' parties instead of other beverages, because juice is better for them, and it is also cost effective per serving.

Son fabricados con las mejores frutas, son productos.

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Contienen Vitamina “C”

No contienen colorantes ni preservantes.

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