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Ducal Peach Juice 5.3 oz fl - Jugo de Melocoton

Ducal Peach Juice 5.3 oz fl - Jugo de Melocoton

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Ducal Peach Juice has a refreshing flavor that can make you feel like you are on an island. It has a sweetness that you would find if you were to bite into a fresh peach. This is a product that often comes from Guatemala. Ducal Peach Juice is a drink that many who are on diets drink as it doesn't have a lot of the added sugars that you would find in soft drinks. It has lower calories and a low fat content. It is also low in sodium. One of the ways that you can use the juice if you don't want to drink it is to add it to a sauce. It's ideal to blend with a yogurt, making it a thin sauce that can go over a fruit salad. You can also use the juice in ice cream to give a fresh peach flavor. Another way to use the juice is by adding it to cake batter.

No contienen colorantes ni preservantes.

Contienen Vitamina “C”

100% naturales con sabor incomparable

Son fabricados con las mejores frutas

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