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Ducal Pineapple Juice 5.3 oz fl - Jugo de Pina

Ducal Pineapple Juice 5.3 oz fl - Jugo de Pina

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Fruit juice like Ducal Pineapple Juice is one of the most refreshing beverages to drink. All natural, it comes in an easy-to-open container. It can be stored in the cupboard until opened, and then it fits neatly into the refrigerator. In addition to being delicious to drink and easy to store, pineapple juice offers health benefits for people of all ages. As a low calorie treat, it can be used to replace high calorie soft drinks or specialty beverages that contain high amounts of sugar and low nutrition. Served alone or with ice, pineapple juice tastes great and is refreshing. Ducal Pineapple Juice is often used for cooking. Some pour the juice over meat to sweeten and tenderize it, like ham or grilled burgers. Others use pineapple juice in side dishes like sweet potato casserole. It can also be added to mixed drinks for parties and celebrations. Few beverages are as versatile as this delicious and refreshing juice. Affordable and convenient, it is a healthy snack.

Son fabricados con las mejores frutas

Contienen vitamuina C.

100% naturales con sabor incomparable

No contienen colorantes ni preservantes.

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