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Ducal Refried Red Beans 15 oz - Frijoles Rojos Refritos

Ducal Refried Red Beans 15 oz - Frijoles Rojos Refritos

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Ducal Refried Red Beans allows you to relish the flavor of these slow-cooked red beans that are mashed and fried to perfection. They are seasoned with simple and natural spices, they are the ideal accompaniment to a variety of dishes. Ducal Refried Red Beans contain simple ingredients and are free of additives and preservatives, so you can feel confident that you�re nourishing your body with the highest quality ingredients available. Preparation is easy. With Ducal Refried Red Beans you can have that home-cooked taste in just minutes, allowing you to complement any dish with this savory and succulent flavor.

Frijoles procesados 100% naturales.

Bajo en contenido grasa.

Alto contenido de fibra y proteinas.

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