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Ducal Vegetables Juice 5.3 oz fl - Jugo de Vegetales

Ducal Vegetables Juice 5.3 oz fl - Jugo de Vegetales

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Ducal vegetable juice is a tasty and healthy addition to any diet. Instead of drinking sugary beverages or soda, a mixture of vegetable flavors makes a refreshing snack. It also can be served as an appetizer with a sprig of celery and a dash of pepper. Some families drink Ducal vegetable juice with their meals for an extra serving of healthy nutrients. This ready-to-serve juice is low calorie and filling. It goes well with just about any type of meal, from breakfast to dinner. In addition, vegetable juice is a useful cooking additive to add flavor to stews and soups. It can be used to marinade meats or flavor casseroles. There are so many things a cook can do with vegetable juice that it makes sense to keep it in stock for kitchen use at home.

No contienen colorantes ni preservantes.

Contiene vitamina C.

100% naturales con sabor incomparable

Son fabricados con las mejores frutas

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