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Enteroguanil Kids Envelopes Antidiahrreal - Control Diahrrea para Ninos

Enteroguanil Kids Envelopes Antidiahrreal - Control Diahrrea para Ninos

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When your children have a stomach virus, Enteroguanil Kids Envelopes Antidiarrheal medication can help in preventing dehydration. You can mix the envelopes with water or another liquid in order to make the contents taste better. This is a solution for children who need to have nutrients in their system but aren't getting the nutrients because of diarrhea. Enteroguanil Kids Envelopes Antidiarrheal medications are also good to use when the child may have ate something that has upset the stomach. Some children get an upset stomach when traveling on long trips. The envelopes are good to have in the car as they are easy to transport in a purse or bag. The medication works as it decreases the movement in the stomach so that the child can gain back control of the intestines and stomach. Some surgeries can also make it difficult to maintain a normal bowel function. This medication can help get the child back on a normal routine in a short amount of time.

Eficaz para combatir trastornos tales como: cólera, gastroenteritis, diarrea de origen bacteriano y en el tratamiento de giardiasis.

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