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Flanax Analgesic 220 Mg Display - Analgesico

Flanax Analgesic 220 Mg Display - Analgesico

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Flanax Analgesic tablets aid in the relief of pain due to headaches, muscle strains, arthritis and cramps due to menstruation. These pain relieving tablets also help to relieve aches, pains and fever caused by the common cold and backaches. Each tablet contains naproxen, a powerful pain reliever that helps to minimize inflammation and treat fever. Adults and children 12 years of age or older should take one analgesic tablet every 8 to 12 hours. If pain does not subside with one tablet following the first dose, a second tablet can be taken within the first hour, but no more than 3 tablets should be taken within a 24-hour time period. Individuals aged 65 or older must consult with a physician prior to taking more than 1 tablet within a 12 hour period. Parents of children under the age of 12 should consult with a physician prior to administering this medication. Flanax Analgesic tablets should be taken with water and work best when taken immediately following the onset of pain or discomfort.

Alivia el dolor causado por diferentes afecciones, tales como dolor de cabeza, muscular o de muela, calambres menstruales o artritis.

Se utiliza para reducir la fiebre y aliviar los dolores leves del resfriado común o gripe.

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