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Flanax Lozenges Cough Relief 20 Units - Alivio para la tos

Flanax Lozenges Cough Relief 20 Units - Alivio para la tos

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Flanax Lozenges are designed to provide relief for the symptoms of mild colds such as a cough or irritability and soreness of the throat. The lozenges come in a honey flavor, making them sweet and not medicinal tasting. Used as directed, relief lasts for up to seven to ten days. The suggested age for use is five years and older. Parents of children under five years old should consult their doctor before giving any kind of lozenge. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also consult with their doctors before using throat lozenges. Flanax Lozenges should be allowed to dissolve in the mouth and can be used once ever hour as needed. If you experience excessive phlegm or mucous, consult your doctor before continuing use. Side effects are very rare, but seek out medical attention if you experience allergic reactions due to the use of menthol in the lozenge. These can include swelling in the throat, tightness in the chest, rashes, or irritation in your mouth.

Para cuando tienes la garganta irritada.

La mejor combinación para aliviar la garganta irritada es usar las Pastillas para la Tos Flanax y las Tabletas Analgésicas Flanax.

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