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Alcsa - Gallo Dorado

Gallo Dorado Precooked Rice 5lb - Arroz

Gallo Dorado Precooked Rice 5lb - Arroz

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Gallo Dorado rice is a staple food that goes with every meal. Gallo Dorado precooked rice takes less time to prepare, but still has the nutrients and authentic taste of fresh rice. Add meats and veggies for an irresistible and filling flavor. When you add beans, the rice becomes a great source of daily fiber with little to no fat or unwanted sugars. It can be a meal of its own with spices and peppers. The possibilities of a delicious meal are endless with this rice! Make Gallo Dorado precooked rice a part of every meal that the whole family will love!

Gallo Dorado ha sido el arroz perfecto para el sazón.

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