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Glucosoral Apple Energy Drink 12 oz - Manzana

Glucosoral Apple Energy Drink 12 oz - Manzana

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Glucosoral Apple Energy Drink is a beverage that has an intense apple flavor that is slightly sweet. The drink can give you a boost of energy that you need through the day in a safe manner instead of taking a lot of pills or other supplements. The energy drink is low in calories and fat, making it a beverage that doesn't have the additives that you would find in a soda. In addition to providing an extra boost of energy, this bevrage�s most important purpose is to help replenish the body�s loss of electrolytes and water. In other words it helps to prevent dehydration caused by either sickness, heat, or exercise.

Glucosoral, una solucion hidroelectrolitica oral que rehidrata y repone sales y minerales que tu cuerpo pierde.

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