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Ina Angel Hair Noodles 5.29 oz - Entrefino Fideos

Ina Angel Hair Noodles 5.29 oz - Entrefino Fideos

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Ina Angel Hair is a pasta that you often see in soups. There isn't a lot of taste in the noodles, making it easy to add almost any other kind of ingredient that you like to the dish. You can boil the Ina Angel Hair noodles, or you can bake them for a crunchy component. They can also be fried and topped with a little soy or teriyaki sauce and mushrooms for nice meal. Other ingredients that you can add to the noodles include pork, shrimp and chicken. The noodles don't have a high fat content, and there aren't many calories in the dish. This is something that you can make in a healthy recipe that includes vegetables and protein.

¡Cocina con amor, cocina con Pasta Ina!

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