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Ina Bucatini Noodle 7.05 oz - Macarron

Ina Bucatini Noodle 7.05 oz - Macarron

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The traditional Ina Bucatini Noodle has been a favorite cooking ingredient for many years. Everyone enjoys a delicious macaroni dish, and there are countless ways to make it for a variety of meals. Young children enjoy basic macaroni covered with tomato soup or chicken broth. Adults favor more sophisticated versions of recipes that use the Ina Bucatini Noodle, including savory meat additions, crisp seasonal vegetables, and a hint of wine. Macaroni can be served as a dish in itself, since pasta is filling and enjoyable in its own. However, it is often added to stews or casseroles as a pasta complement that enriches the dish for a more full-bodied texture. Easy to cook in boiling water for just a few minutes on the stove, Ina pasta can make any meal more satisfying. Coupled with various flavors and seasonings, it can become the meal's centerpiece or a supporting dish for at-home dining or special events. In any season or weather, bucatini is sure to be a hit on the table.

¡Cocina con amor, cocina con Pasta Ina!

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