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Ina Elbow Noodles 7.05 oz - Codito Mediano

Ina Elbow Noodles 7.05 oz - Codito Mediano

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Cooking with a pasta like Ina Elbow Tie Noodle recipes is easy and fun. Pasta is such a versatile food staple that there are plenty of dishes to make with it. A elbow tie noodle offers a unique shape for special meals or events, like a business dinner or formal celebration. People of all ages enjoy pastas such as the Ina Elbow Tie Noodle because it is filling and tasty. Bow tie pasta can be arranged in a lovely casserole using several ingredients of varied colors or textures. For example, the pasta can be mixed with ground beef that has been browned and then flavored with a zesty or mild sauce. Garnishing the dish with parsley, grated cheese, or sliced mushrooms can make this dish complete. Another benefit to this type of pasta is that its shape lends itself to a number of recipes. It is just the right size for mixing with other ingredients to prepare a balanced dish. However, for a pasta-dominant recipe, diced veggies can be added for color and zest rather than to compete with the pasta.

¡Cocina con amor, cocina con Pasta ina!

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