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Ina Shell Noodles 7.05 oz - Caracol

Ina Shell Noodles 7.05 oz - Caracol

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A perfectly formed shell pasta like the Ina Shell Noodle makes a terrific main dish for dinner or potluck meals. A shell-shaped pasta can be stuffed or edged with a variety of fillings comprised of meat, cheese, or sauteed vegetables, depending on whether carnivores or vegans are eating. Everyone enjoys a shell-type casserole made with Ina Shell Noodle pasta as a main meal or a side dish. Stuffed or laced shells can float in a sea of savory sauce made of homemade or brand name products. Tomato sauce is a classic favorite, with alfredo a close second. Marinara is another specialty sauce that goes well with this pasta type. A favorite cheese can be layered on top or sprinkled on before serving. A dash of paprika or a sprig of parsley makes a nice final accent. Shell noodles are popular at major celebrations like weddings and catered dinners. They are also frequently served at home-based parties for informal entertainment. Easy to make and fun to eat, shell noodles are delicious however they are prepared.

¡Cocina con amor, cocina con Pasta ina!

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