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Ina Small Elbow Noodles 7.05 oz - Codito

Ina Small Elbow Noodles 7.05 oz - Codito

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Cooks everywhere can benefit by stocking versatile pasta like the Ina Elbow Noodle in the pantry. Pasta is a popular carbohydrate and food staple that provides nutrients and energy over several hours' time. It is often used as a main dish with meat, vegetables, and sauce or seasonings. However, vegans enjoy the Ina Elbow Noodle without meat, and it tastes just as delicious. Pasta can be enjoyed with a mixture of ingredients, such as bacon and prosciutto, or grilled chicken and skewered tomatoes with onions. You will never run out of recipes when cooking pasta, because there are so many variations to experiment with. For example, think of all the different cheeses that can be cooked in a casserole or layered on top. A basic can of soup added to pasta becomes an instant meal for kids or busy people on the go. Baked, boiled, or cooked in the crockpot, pasta offers many delightful options for a filling and tasty meal.

¡Cocina con amor, cocina con Pasta ina!

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