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Ina Small Shell Noodles 7.05 oz - Concha

Ina Small Shell Noodles 7.05 oz - Concha

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One of the special pasta designs that people love to eat is the Ina Shells Noodle product. The interesting shell shape offers creative opportunities to prepare a fun meal centered on the pasta. For example, utilizing the shell design, a cook might prepare a seafood entr�e that makes use of the Ina Shells Noodle style. Shrimp, crabmeat, or salmon are just a few of the fish types that can be served with the shell-shaped pasta for a tropical or seaside dinner theme. This pasta style is not only attractive, but also functional. The delicate shell shapes are perfect for enclosing tasty bits of sauce, meat, or vegetables that give zest to each bite. They can be arranged on lettuce leaves for a special presentation effect. Whether served alone or with other entrees for a sizable meal, shell pasta is a unique way to make a main dish entertaining as well as delicious. It cooks quickly and can be served immediately as a hot dish, or served cold as a pasta salad.

¡Cocina con amor, cocina con Pasta ina!

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