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Ina Soy Sauce 5 oz - Salsa Soya

Ina Soy Sauce 5 oz - Salsa Soya

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When preparing traditional Chinese food, Ina Soy Sauce adds an authentic taste of Asian flavor. Soy sauce has long been used by Oriental cousine to add zest to a variety of dishes composed of either meat or vegetables, or both. Because steamed rice is another favorite dish, sauce is sometimes added for a richer flavor or seasoning. Ina Soy Sauce makes a great topping for rice dishes as a bold accent. Another use for soy sauce is when cooking Asian foods. It is often added to enhance the flavor of unseasoned vegetables or rather bland dishes. Soy contains nutrients that are good for the body. A soy-based sauce not only increases the tastiness of various dishes, but it does so naturally without chemical additives or artificial colors. Soy sauce can be offered at dinner time for those who want to season their own food. Some like quite a bit of the sauce, while others want only a little. With increasing use, it is no wonder that soy sauce is a one of the best-known and most popular Asian seasonings.

¡Cocina con amor, cocina con Pasta ina!

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