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Ina Worcestershire Sauce 5 oz - Salsa Inglesa

Ina Worcestershire Sauce 5 oz - Salsa Inglesa

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Ina Worcestershire Sauce has a dark brown color, and it has a rich taste. This is something that can be used in many dishes as it's more of a universal sauce. There isn't a prominent flavor, but it does have a sweetness that pairs well with meats like steak and pork. You can use the sauce with meats that are baked, but it's commonly used with fried meats, such as bacon or ham when it's fried. It makes a delicious marinade for steaks as it will give the meat a tenderness and tang from the vinegar. There is no fat in the sauce, and very little 20 calories. It does have a higher amount of sodium, but this is what gives the sauce its flavorful component.

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