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Incaparina Corn & Soy Cereal 15.9 oz - Cereal de Maiz y Soya

Incaparina Corn & Soy Cereal 15.9 oz - Cereal de Maiz y Soya

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Incaparina Corn and Soy Cereal is a healthy way for your family to start their day. Soy can help lower cholesterol. Too much bad cholesterol in the body can lead to strokes or heart attacks. Soy can also help balance out some of the proteins the body loses due to an unbalanced diet. Corn has a naturally sweet flavor and provides a rich source of fiber. Fiber is important for your bowels health. Your cereal has the essential proteins, carbs and fats the body needs to stay fit. Incaparina Corn and Soy Cereal is easy to make. Add hot water to your cereal and it's ready to serve. Mix a bowl in the morning, noon or night, and provide your body with a quick energy boost. Corn and Soy Cereal can also provide a convenient snack for hungry kids or adults between meals. It's not likely to ruin anyone's appetite, and it's better than having them consume sugar.

Niños y adolescentes ya que ayuda al crecimiento y desarrollo físico.

Personas de cualquier edad con interés en nutrición balanceada y estilos de vida saludables.

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