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Incaparina Liquid 6.76 oz fl - Cereal de Maíz y Soya Líquida

Incaparina Liquid 6.76 oz fl - Cereal de Maíz y Soya Líquida

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Start your morning right with Incaparina. This corn and soy cereal mix will add iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folate to your diet. It is an excellent source of zinc, a mineral that doctors recommend to fight colds and the flu. Wrap your hands around a warm mug of Incaparina cereal. It makes a great snack for cold winter nights or a light breakfast for summer mornings. Prepare it with equal parts of coffee for a quick pick me up. You can easily get the nutrition that you need anytime. Your family will love Incaparina alone or with your own personal touches. Try it with warm milk and a bit of sugar. Cinnamon and raisins are delicious and they enrich the meal with iron magnesium, and more B vitamins. Add some cocoa for a healthy and satisfying alternative to hot chocolate. No matter how you love to drink it, Incaparina means good quality and nutrition. The perfect balance of corn and soy beans is ground and prepared for their cereals. Make sure that your meal is complete with Incaparina.

Ofrece los mismos beneficios (proteínas, vitaminas y minerales) de Incaparina Original sin la necesidad de prepararla.

Contiene proteínas completas, carbohidratos y está reforzada con vitaminas y minerales, incluyendo vitaminas de complejo B, ácido fólico, hierro y zinc.

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