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Jaloma Olive Oil 2 oz - Aceite de Olivo

Jaloma Olive Oil 2 oz - Aceite de Olivo

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There are many uses for a small bottle of Jaloma Olive Oil. Moisten a cotton ball with the oil to put on the face so that the skin feels soft and smooth. This oil has a pleasant aroma so that you want to use the oil. It doesn't have a greasy feel, making it something that doesn't leave the hands and other areas with a filmy residue. One of the ways that you can use Jaloma Olive Oil is by putting a small amount on a tiny piece of cotton. You want to heat the oil in a spoon before putting it on the cotton. Place the cotton in the ear for an earache. The oil is commonly used on the skin instead of being consumed. It can help in controlling acne on the face or on the back. You can also use a small amount of the oil in the hair to give it a shiny appearance and soft texture.

Aceite de oliva Jaloma es bueno como un humectante natural para la piel.

Utilizado para la piel y el masaje.

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