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Incasa - La Jarrillita

La Jarrillita Coffee 10 x 0.28 oz - Café

La Jarrillita Coffee 10 x 0.28 oz - Café

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When you need to wake up in the morning or stay awake through the day, enjoy a cup of La Jarrillita Coffee. The coffee has a splendid taste that is not too overwhelming. You can taste the roasted beans in the coffee. This is a coffee that doesn't have a lot of caffeine in it as it has more of a natural flavor. It's ideal for mixing other flavors in the drink. This coffee is also one that is good for serving at a dinner party or a gathering or family and friends since it has a milder taste. You can enjoy the La Jarrillita Coffee black or with a splash of milk, cream or sugar. There is a delicate taste of vanilla in the coffee, which gives the beverage a slight sweetness. Only the freshest beans are used when making the coffee, giving you a product of the highest quality possible. This is a coffee that you can enjoy any time of the day or evening when you need a little more energy or desire a warm treat.

Tiene el balance perfecto de sabor y aroma, producto de una cuidadosa selección de granos y un proceso de producción de la más alta calidad.

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