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La Sirena Pica Lime Sardine 5.5 oz - Sardina Sabor Limon

La Sirena Pica Lime Sardine 5.5 oz - Sardina Sabor Limon

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La Sirena Pica Lime Sardines contain many of the minerals your body needs to stay strong and healthy. They're also high in iron and protein content. Sardines are also rich in vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium. La Sirena Pica Lime Sardines is a food that agrees with your stomach and heart. Lime contains antioxidants that work to keep the arteries clear. Lime also kills harmful bacteria in the body. The great thing about sardines is that they're a great alternative for a light, tasty snack, a light lunch or eaten as a full meal. Dijon mustard and saltine crackers are a favorite way to eat sardines for many. Sardines can be a healthy snack for children as well. Mash the sardines well and they're easy to serve with scrambled eggs. They're also a yummy delight when mashed and served with cottage cheese. This is easy serving for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Sardinas en salsa de tomate picante con cal combinan la esencia de nuestra salsa de tomate caliente secreto con un toque de cítricos por lo que no tiene que!

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