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La Sirena Pica Pica Sardine 5.5 oz - Sardina

La Sirena Pica Pica Sardine 5.5 oz - Sardina

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La Sirena Pica Pica Sardines are rich in omega-3�s, are loaded with calcium and are virtually free of mercury, which makes these sardines a healthy and savory snack. Sardines contain other vital nutrients, like iron, magnesium, zinc, copper and vitamin B. These are several of the minerals your body needs to remain strong and vibrant. La Sirena Pica Pica Sardines are the go-to snack for millions of people around the world. They�re tasty, convenient to carry, easy on the stomach and are a good complement for mostly any dish. They can be eaten directly from the can or with crackers. Mixing with toast is a favorite for many, and mashed with Dijon mustard sardines are a tasty snack. Pack your children�s lunch with sardines too. Sardines are a good way to encourage kids, as well as adults, to eat more fish.

Condimenta tus comidas con nuestras sardinas en salsa de tomate picante.

Es una mezcla aventurera de sabores tradicionales que despertarán cualquier plato – para aquellos que lo aman picante!

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