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La Sirena Pica Poco Sardine 5.5 oz - Sardina

La Sirena Pica Poco Sardine 5.5 oz - Sardina

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La Sirena Pica Poco Sardines are rich in omega-3�s and contain zero levels of mercury. Several things that make La Sirena Pica Poco Sardines such a delight to eat is that they taste good, they�re easy to pack, and may complement any lunch. People choose to eat them directly from the can or with crackers and Dijon mustard. Sardines are a great snack for children as well. You can mix the sardines with other dressings and serve them in a sandwich. It�s all about healthy eating, and both adults and children are on the go which can make it difficult. Make it a point for you and your children to get the nutrients needed

En salsa de tomate suave (Pica Poco) son solo para ti.

La combinación perfecta de sabor natural y cáscara te deja anhelo de una mordida más – no todos les gusta caliente!

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