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Lice Comb 12 Units - Peine Fino Para Piojo

Lice Comb 12 Units - Peine Fino Para Piojo

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Head lice is a common social health issue that usually requires the use of a lice comb. The small, fine-tooth comb is used to comb head lice and nits, the eggs of lice laid near the base of the hair shaft, out of a person's hair. Many people use this product in conjunction with a chemical shampoo that kills lice. A lice comb is then used to comb through a person's hair to remove dead lice, nits, and any remaining living lice. The tiny insects get caught in the teeth of the comb and are effectively removed that way. This type of comb is specifically designed to remove head lice. It can be used at home, in schools, in summer camps, or anywhere else where children or adults congregate closely together, as this increases the likelihood that the lice will spread. The combs can be reused if they are first sterilized in boiling water and allowed to cool, or if they are treated with alcohol or a lice-killing chemical.

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