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Lido Cremosa Cookies 11 oz - Galletas

Lido Cremosa Cookies 11 oz - Galletas

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Lido Cremosa Cookies are light cream filled cookies. They have a generous layer of cream icing between two light cookies. The sandwich style cookie treat is a classic favorite for all ages. The cookies raised design adds to the crispy texture and delicate taste. These Lido Cremosa Cookies are a delicious treat; it is a great way to enjoy a break, and for anytime one wishes a sweet, flavorful snack. Available in handy serving size snack packs, they are carefully wrapped and will stay fresh longer. It is great for lunch boxes and kids. Add a glass of milk for a wholesome between meals snack or an excellent dessert. One can take them anywhere, and they make a great addition to a school backpack. These cookies are a high energy snack food, and they provide an instant boost when hunger strikes. They have a wonderful combination of light cookie textures and rich, creamy sensations. One will have a difficult time deciding whether to enjoy the cookie or the cream filling first.

Enriquecidas con nutrientes esenciales y vitaminas como C, E., B1, B3 y B5.Galletas llenas de minerales, que incluye selenio, hierro, calcio, sodio y fasforo.Enriquecidas con nutrientes esenciales y vitaminas como C, E., B1, B3 y B5.

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