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Lido Margarita Cookies 6.7 oz - Galletas

Lido Margarita Cookies 6.7 oz - Galletas

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Lido Margarita Cookies are a tasty cookie snack. Made with wheat flour and other healthful ingredients, they have a delightful taste and a creamy texture. These sweet bread treats have an inviting mix of sweet and salty flavors. Offering a light sweet taste, they can cure one's desire for a sweet snack and a satisfying energy boost. It goes well as a stand alone snack. A serving of Lido Margarita Cookies with a glass of milk or hot beverage makes a great combination during an afternoon work break. Unlike many sweet treats, it is designed to appeal to all ages; this item will be a favorite in many households. A generous size makes it a great between meal item that can keep hunger away. It is a sweet bread style cookie, and it has a remarkable combination of tastes and soft texture. A great item for school lunch or anytime snack, this subtle blend of tastes will keep everyone coming back for more.

Hecho con harina de trigo y otros ingredientes saludables, tienen un sabor delicioso y una textura cremosa.

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