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Lido Salporina Rice Cookies 10.44 oz - Galletas de Arroz

Lido Salporina Rice Cookies 10.44 oz - Galletas de Arroz

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Lido Salporina de Arroz Cookies are a tasty sweet bread cookie. They are inviting to the eye as well as to the taste, and the sweet bread style reminds one of home made treats. These cookies have wholesome wheat flour, and these full-bodied treats make a filling snack. Combined with a glass of milk they can keep one feeling satisfied between meals. Excellent for kids lunch box, these cookies are great for instant energy. Lido Salporina de Arroz Cookies are traditional-style, rice flavored sweet bread cookies. Made with rice flour, eggs, and other healthful ingredients, these rice sweet bread cookies follow traditional baking styles. They are a round, fully shaped cookie with a cake-like look and feel. They provide a wonderful rice flavor and rich, creamy texture. These snack cookies are satisfying and fill the gaps between meals; when taking a break, they go well with milk, coffee, and other favorite drinks. The rice flavored treat has a hint of vanilla as well as a delightful mild, sweet taste.

Son una deliciosa galleta de pan dulce.

Son atractivas tanto para el ojo como para el gusto, y el estilo de pan dulce recuerda a las golosinas caseras.

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