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Linguini Noodles 7oz - Lengua

Linguini Noodles 7oz - Lengua

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Ina Linguini noodles are perfect for your chicken Alfredo recipe. Do not limit these yummy, flat noodles to just a chicken Alfredo dish! They can be used with just about any sauce or pasta dish you can imagine! Make a dish with shrimp, steak, fish, etc. and watch these linguini noodles soak up the sauce and flavor from the other ingredients in your dish to make every bite cause your mouth to water. Use Ina's noodles and watch dinner disappear and the conversation flow!

In a pot boil 2 liters of water and add salt to taste. Slowly pour the pasta and keep it boiling for the suggested time. Stir pasta occasionally. Suggested cooking time: 8 minutes for harder noodles. 10 minutes for softer noodles.

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