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Malher Chicken Bouillon 0.42 oz - Consome de Pollo

Malher Chicken Bouillon 0.42 oz - Consome de Pollo

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Mahler Chicken Bullion is a quick, appetizing, and affordable way to liven up your favorite chicken recipes or enjoy the wholesome, good taste of chicken broth any time you like. You can use this versatile, instant chicken bullion in all kinds of recipes. Try it as a base for soups, stews, casseroles, bean dishes, chicken and dumplings, or any other recipe that calls for a chicken flavored base. This savory mix is available in a variety of sizes. In order to enjoy this tasty bullion, simply stir the amount of the mix indicated on the package directions into either boiling or very hot water. You will need to allow the mix to completely dissolve in the hot water before drinking the broth or including it in your recipe. Many customers have been thoroughly impressed by their results when adding this high quality bullion to their favorite recipes. So next time you need to add the perfect amount of chicken flavor to a recipe, consider trying Mahler Chicken Bullion to create that savory, delicious homemade chicken taste.

Es una forma rápida, apetecible y asequible para animar sus recetas de pollo favorito o disfrutar del sano y buen sabor del caldo de pollo en cualquier momento que desee.

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