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Malher Chicken Bouillon 16 oz - Consome de Pollo

Malher Chicken Bouillon 16 oz - Consome de Pollo

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A soup base like Malher Chicken Bouillon can work wonders in a typical kitchen. It serves several purposes, depending on how a cook wants to use it. The principal way is to eat prepared bouillon as a soup dish alone. It is great on a cold day or when someone is in a hurry. Malher Chicken Bouillon is easy to cook, and those that have time can add preferred vegetables like chopped onions, carrots, or parsley for added variety. Another way to use chicken bouillon is for seasoning other foods. Chicken broth makes wonderful gravy and sauces for ladling over baked or grilled chicken. It also helps to season stews made of vegetables or pasta, as well as almost any kind chicken entr�e. The bouillon helps to moisten the meat to keep it fresh and juicy. Some people marinade chicken for grilling in bouillon first. This helps to both tenderize it and instill juices, almost like brining, that can cook with the meat for a savory flavor. Chicken bouillon can be a cook's accomplice in the kitchen.

El caldo de pollo puede ser cómplice de un cocinero en la cocina.

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