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Malher Chicken Bouillon 32 oz - Consome de Pollo

Malher Chicken Bouillon 32 oz - Consome de Pollo

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A soup base like Malher Chicken Bouillon is a handy commodity to keep in the kitchen. Most cooks like to have a quick start soup base made of beef, chicken, pork, or vegetables to prepare a pot of soup without starting completely from scratch. With help from a bouillon product, bowls of delicious, flavorful soup can soon be ready to serve. Malher Chicken Bouillon is easy to prepare and costs just pennies per serving. In addition to making soup, bouillon can be used to flavor numerous other dishes. Stews can be enhanced by adding soup broth. Casseroles are often improved with the addition of bouillon. Meat can be marinated or grilled by using bouillon. Anyone who is limited to what he or she can eat, for example, someone who has just had surgery, will appreciate the taste and simplicity of bouillon. Everyone should keep chicken bouillon in the house. It can be used for many recipes to improve the flavor of main dishes, or it can be enjoyed on its own merits

Es un producto práctico para mantener en la cocina.

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