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Malher Chicken Bouillon 8 oz - Consome de Pollo

Malher Chicken Bouillon 8 oz - Consome de Pollo

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Malher Chicken Bouillon is a tasty, convenient seasoning that adds flavor to countless dishes and recipes. It can be stored in a cupboard or refrigerator for ready access when needed. Chicken base flavoring enhances many foods, including soups, stews, casseroles, and marinades for grilling. It can be used to make gravy or drippings for dumplings. Because it is affordable, convenient, and delicious, every cook should make use of Malher Chicken Bouillon in a variety of mealtime favorites. Bouillon is a basic food that is digestible for almost everyone, even young children, elderly people, or those recovering from illness. Prepared alone, it is a nourishing staple that can be filling by itself or when served with other foods. Chicken bouillon is a cost-effective way of enjoying real chicken broth as a food seasoning without paying a lot of money to buy and cook chicken meat to make broth. Many cooks keep chicken bouillon on hand to enrich the flavor of various foods.

Es un condimento sabroso y conveniente que añade sabor a innumerables platos y recetas.

Muchos cocineros mantienen el consome de pollo a mano para enriquecer el sabor de varios alimentos.

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