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Malher Chicken-Pasta Soup 2.1 oz - Sopa de Pollo-Fideo

Malher Chicken-Pasta Soup 2.1 oz - Sopa de Pollo-Fideo

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Malher Chicken/Pasta Soup makes a meal in itself and can also be used as a base for other recipes. The soup has a good bit of preservatives in it so that the flavors remain in the packaging. The pasta is easy to prepare by simply putting the contents of the package in boiling water. All of the seasonings are included in the pack. When the pasta is tender, you can enjoy it with vegetables or a meat mixed with the noodles. Small pieces of chicken are good to use with the pasta since there are similar flavors. This is a food that you can prepare if you are on a budget or if you don't have a lot of time to prepare anything else for a meal. There are about 40 calories per serving. It doesn't have a lot of fat or carbohydrates. The Malher Chicken/Pasta Soup does contain wheat flour and soy, so it's not a product for those who are trying to avoid gluten.

Contiene harina de trigo y soya, por lo que no es un producto para aquellos que están tratando de evitar el gluten.

No tiene mucha grasa o carbohidratos.

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