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Malher Garlic Salt 0.21 oz - Sazonador Sal de Ajo

Malher Garlic Salt 0.21 oz - Sazonador Sal de Ajo

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Of all the possible food seasonings a cook might keep in the cupboard, Malher Garlic Salt is one of the most important. Garlic is popular with most people as a flavoring for a variety of dishes, especially those related to meats and vegetables. Since keeping fresh garlic on hand can become another chore on the to-do list, packaged garlic salt is a convenient way to have flavorful garlic available for months at a time. Malher Garlic Salt is readily available and modestly priced to keep it accessible to shoppers everywhere. Another benefit of using garlic salt over fresh garlic is that you don't need to use as much. That provides additional savings to the grocery budget. Unlike processing fresh garlic cloves by hand or equipment, there is no residual odor lingering in the kitchen or on the cook's hands. A dash of garlic salt makes any hearty dish even more delicious. It is easy to use and leaves no mess to clean up afterward.

Beneficio de usar sal de ajo sobre ajo fresco es que usted no necesita usar tanto.

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