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Malher Hilachas Mix - Malher Hilachas Mix 2.05 oz

Malher Hilachas Mix - Malher Hilachas Mix 2.05 oz

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If you know anything about Guatemalan food, you will understand why Malher Hilachas Mix is such a desirable food item. Hilachas is a delicious Guatemalan dish made with shredded beef that has been delicately simmered in a tomato-tomatillo sauce. This particular mix version of the sauce has just the right blend of spices. Malher Hilachas Mix is not so spicy that it is overpowering. Instead, it has just the right amount of spice to bring out the natural flavors and goodness of the other ingredients you use in your favorite Hilachas recipe. Even though beef is traditionally used in this delectable dish, you can change it up by using chicken, pork or whatever meat you prefer. You can even use it in vegetarian dishes. The rich, wholesome flavor is the perfect addition to your favorite rice dishes as well. You can serve this versatile sauce as the base for various soup recipes. Simply follow the easy to use package directions to create your perfect Guatemalan Hilachas or other Hilachas-inspired meals. With this tasty mix, there are numerous superb meal possibilities.

Hilachas es un delicioso plato guatemalteco hecho con carne desmenuzada que ha sido delicadamente hervida a fuego lento en una salsa tomate-tomatillo.

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