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Malher Jocon Mix - Malher Jocon Mix 2.29 oz

Malher Jocon Mix - Malher Jocon Mix 2.29 oz

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Malher Jocon Mix is a delicious and convenient way to experience the authentic taste of traditional Guatemalan cuisine. Jocon is a Mayan dish originating from Guatemala which is usually prepared by simmering chicken in a tomatillos and cilantro based green sauce. There are usually other ingredients included in the sauce as well, such as ground corn tortillas, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds. Now with Malher Jocon Mix you can enjoy this unique Mayan flavor without having to stock up on ingredients that you may not normally have on hand in your kitchen. This mix is easy to prepare and includes simple package directions to follow. It makes a hearty and satisfying meal when added to chicken. If you do not have chicken, or do not prefer to use chicken in your Jocon, you can try adding turkey, pork, beef, or your other favorite meat. You can serve the Jocon as a stew or pour it on top of rice. So next time you are looking for something different to have for a family meal, consider trying this tantalizing Jocon mix.

Jocon es un plato maya originario de Guatemala que se prepara generalmente cocinando a fuego lento el pollo en un tomatillos y la salsa verde basada cilantro.

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