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Malher Onion Salt 0.21 oz - Sazonador Sal de Cebolla

Malher Onion Salt 0.21 oz - Sazonador Sal de Cebolla

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Most cooks use onions frequently, with Malher Onion Salt a convenient option. These tasty root vegetables add zest and flavor to foods for any meal or snack. Onion salt makes it easy to add seasoning without chopping, grating, or slicing onions that can make the cook's eyes water or leave an odor on the hands. Malher Onion Salt can be easily stored in the cupboard for months without spoiling, and it won't leave an odor. Onion salt is easy to use, with a quick shake into some recipes. Other dishes may require a measured quantity, like a teaspoon, but that is easy with the prepackaged onion salt ready to use. Because it keeps at room temperature, you don't have to worry about handling a cold vegetable from the refrigerator or taking time to prepare the onion before adding it to the dish being prepared. Onion salt is a kitchen staple that everyone should have on hand for convenient, fast cooking.

La sal de la cebolla hace fácil agregar el condimento sin tajar, rallar, o rebanar la cebolla que puede hacer que los ojos del cocinero agua o dejan un olor en las manos.

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