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Malher Pepian Mix 2.82 oz - Pepian Malher

Malher Pepian Mix 2.82 oz - Pepian Malher

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There are several ingredients in the Malher Pepian Mix that combine to make a delicious sauce for meats or vegetables. Sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds are prominent in the mix. There is also tomato powder, rice flour and corn flour. These act as thickeners for the sauce. You can thin the Malher Pepian Mix with various items like soy sauce, extra water or broths. The mix can be stored in a cabinet until it's ready to be used. This is a mix that is ideal for beef as it can make the dish taste like pot roast. Vegetables are good to use with the mix, especially carrots and potatoes. Chicken is another item that is good to use with the mix. When you prepare the mix, add a little butter for a savory flavor. Beef broth is also good to use, especially if you are using stew beef or slices of beef. Create a savory pot pie with the mix instead of using other soups.

Se combinan para hacer una deliciosa salsa para carnes o verduras.

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