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Malher Seafood Cream 2.85 oz - Crema de Mariscos

Malher Seafood Cream 2.85 oz - Crema de Mariscos

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Malher Seafood Cream is a way to add a little taste of seafood to your dishes without adding the actual fish. This is a product that is easy to use as it's a delicate cream. It has a smooth texture, and it's easy to blend with other items to give it more intense flavors. One of the ways that you can use Malher Seafood Cream is by warming it gently in a pan with a little butter. Add noodles to the pan and a few pieces of shrimp for a delicious dish. Add milk and other ingredients for a soup that is warm and filling. This can also be a base for recipes that you want to use fish with, such as flounder or oysters. It's an ideal selection if you want to make an oyster stew as it has a low sodium content. The cream has a slightly higher carbohydrate content, but you can balance that by adding the fish or shrimp.

Es una forma de agregar un poco de sabor a mariscos a sus platos sin añadir el pescado real.

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