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Malher Seasoning-Saborin 0.17 oz - Sazonador

Malher Seasoning-Saborin 0.17 oz - Sazonador

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Malher Seasoning-Saborin is a spice that has a sweetness that also taste smoky. It is ideally used on beefs like steak or hamburgers. The seasoning is easy to add to any kind of meat, and there are some ways that offer more flavor than others. Malher Seasoning-Saborin can be added while you are grilling if you want to sear the flavors into the meat, or you can add it to water while boiling meats. This works best with pork as it will get tender while absorbing the mix. The seasoning is low in calories and fat. When using the seasoning mix, you can notice the natural flavors in the meat. Combine the mix with a stir fry for an Asian meal or beef strips and refried beans for a meal that is a little on the Mexican side. When preparing to add the mix, you can combine it with sauces to make a marinade. Lemon or lime juice can help bring out the natural flavors of the spices.

Es una especia que tiene una dulzura que también el sabor ahumado.

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