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Malher Seasoning-Saborin 8.81 oz - Sazonador Saborin

Malher Seasoning-Saborin 8.81 oz - Sazonador Saborin

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Malher Seasoning-Saborin has a salty flavor with a hint of meat blended in with the spices. This is a seasoning that can be used on almost any kind of meat, especially beef or pork. You can add the seasoning in a crock pot so that the flavors will blend with the other items being prepared. Malher Seasoning-Saborin can be added to items on the grill as well. It can give your meats a delicious flavor with a hint of smoke. Combine the seasoning with a small amount of water or a sauce to use as a baste for your meat. You can also use it as a tenderizer. Add the seasoning to browned hamburger for tacos, or give your meatloaf an intense flavor. Steak does well with this kind of seasoning as well as ribs. If you don't eat meat but want the flavor, then add the seasoning to noodles. It's best to use a smaller amount so that the noodles can absorb the flavors.

Puede dar a sus carnes un delicioso sabor con un toque de humo.

Tiene un sabor salado con un toque de carne mezclada con las especias.

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