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Malher Seasoning Tenderizer 0.35 oz - Sazonador Ablandador

Malher Seasoning Tenderizer 0.35 oz - Sazonador Ablandador

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Malher Seasoning Tenderizer is a way that you can get just the right amount of tenderization with your meat while giving a delicious flavor. The product is used to break down fibers in the meat so that they are easier to chew. You can add the seasoning before the meat is cooked so that it settles, or you can add the product while the meat is cooking in a crock pot or in the oven. One of the ways that you can use the Malher Seasoning Tenderizer is by sprinkling it evenly on any kind of meat that you like and poking holes in the meat so that the seasoning gets inside the meat evenly. Beef is often the best kind of meat to use, but pork and lamb are other good choices, especially if you want something with a little less fat. You can also add the seasoning to a liquid marinade to enhance the flavors of your meal.

Este sazonador ablanda y le da sabor a tus carnes.

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