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Malher Shrimp Bouillon 0.35 oz - Consome de Camaron

Malher Shrimp Bouillon 0.35 oz - Consome de Camaron

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The Malher Shrimp Bouillon is a wonderful addition to almost any recipe. It comes in a small pack so that it's easy to put in a bowl or a pan before adding other ingredients. The bouillon does have a higher sodium content, but it adds delicious flavors of shrimp to items like pasta or rice. When you use the Malher Shrimp Bouillon, it's best to add a little butter to the pot or pan so that it doesn't burn. You can also add a small amount of water so that it dissolves faster. Pasta is one of the foods that can be used with the product. You can add the pasta after it is boiled so that the shrimp mix blends together. If you use rice, then consider adding other ingredients like soy sauce or salad shrimp to enhance the flavor of the dish. The mix can be used to make soups as well as sauces that can be poured over meats that don't have a lot of original flavors.

Es una adición maravillosa a casi cualquier receta.

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