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Malher Tomato Beef Bouillon 16 oz - Consome De Tomate y Res

Malher Tomato Beef Bouillon 16 oz - Consome De Tomate y Res

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Malher Tomato Beef Bullion is a hearty and satisfying instant bullion mix that can transform ordinary hot water into a delicious broth in a matter of minutes. Not only can this tasty bullion broth be eaten by itself, it can also be added to a variety of recipes to enhance the flavor and provide a beefy tomato base. Add it to vegetable beef soup, beef stew, round steak, Swiss steak, roast beef, beef-based casseroles, or any other recipe that would call for a tomato and beef based flavor. In order to enjoy Malher Tomato Beef Bullion, simply follow the directions written on the package. Heat water to boiling on the stove or to a very hot temperature in the microwave. Then slowly stir in the specified amount of tomato beef bullion mix. Stir until the bullion mix is completely dissolved in the hot water. The result is a hot, savory beef broth with the perfect amount of tangy tomato flavor. This appetizing bullion is sure to become a welcome addition to any of your favorite beef and tomato based recipes.

Una mezcla de bullion instantánea abundante y satisfactoria que puede transformar agua caliente común en un delicioso caldo en cuestión de minutos.

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