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Malher Tomato-Beef Bouillon 7oz - Consome Res

Malher Tomato-Beef Bouillon 7oz - Consome Res

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Now you can enjoy the delicious goodness of tomato and beef flavored broth quickly and conveniently with Mahler Tomato/Beef Bullion. This instant tomato and beef flavored bullion mix contains natural flavors. It is the perfect way to give a tomato/beef base to soups, stews, casseroles, beef and noodles, round steak, pot roast or any other dishes that call for a hearty beef and tomato flavor. In order to enjoy this tasty tomato/beef bullion, simply boil or thoroughly heat in the microwave the amount of water indicated on the package directions. Then stir in the specified amount of Mahler Tomato/Beef Bullion. Stir the broth until the bullion completely dissolves in the hot water. Then you can enjoy the broth all by itself or add any ingredients you like, such as beef, noodles, vegetables, or rice. This delectable bullion enhances the flavor of all kinds of different dishes. The beef and tomato flavors complement one another perfectly. So next time you have a meal that calls for a beefy tomato base, consider this flavorful, convenient tomato/beef bullion.

Esta mezcla instantánea de tomates y ternera con sabor a carne contiene sabores naturales.

Los sabores de carne y tomate se complementan perfectamente.

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