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Tostaduri­a Guatemalteca, S.A. - Mayalandcoffee

Mayaland Dark Roast Ground Coffee 12 oz AZUL - Cafe AZUL

Mayaland Dark Roast Ground Coffee 12 oz AZUL - Cafe AZUL

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Azul is a blend of coffee with a medium roast. It comes from the high mountains of Guatemala and the coffee growing regions of Fraijanes, Oriente and Huehuetenango. Notes Sweet and balanced with hints of tropical fruit. Cup Profile When Hot: Azul is a complex coffee that starts with a buttery surface and subtle hints of caramel. It has a bolder mouthfeel when hot, yet it remains sweet from start to finish. As it Cools Down: Azul is balanced with rich brown sugar flavors on the surface that lead to honey and maple syrup notes. It has a fine acidity that gives structure to a complex taste of cantelope, dry apricot, cinnamon, papaya and dry pineapple.

Tiene el balance perfecto de sabor y aroma, producto de una cuidadosa selección de granos y un proceso de producción de la más alta calidad.

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