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Mayte Sweet - Mayte Sweet Plantain Chips 3 oz

Mayte Sweet - Mayte Sweet Plantain Chips 3 oz

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When you're looking for a healthier snack that can take the place of potato chips, try Mayte Sweet Plantain Chips. These are unsweetened, and palm oil is used for frying. The chips have a delicate crunch. They have a natural flavor that you would find in a plantain. Mayte Sweet Plantain Chips are ideal for an after school snack, or you can send them to school with your children for a healthy treat. The chips are similar to banana chips, but they are easier to eat as they aren't as hard as banana chips. One way to enjoy the chips is with a dip made of coconut and yogurt. You can also crush the chips to mix with melted chocolate to use in a dessert. A seafood dip is also good with the plantains. You can add seasonings to the chips if you don't want them plain. Lime and jalapeno are flavors that go well, or you can add a little sweetness with cinnamon and brown sugar.

Un bocadillo más saludable.

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